Facility Management

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Commercial Cleaning

Trekeye disrupts traditional commercial cleaning with industry 4.0 concepts.  We harness the power of IoT to enhance productivity and increase customer satisfaction.

With our automated solutions you gain visibility to the daily cleaning routines. Monitor your cleaning activities and janitorial crew, while digitizing the entire inspection process.  

Enforce and verify service policy; optimize cleaning schedules, to facilitate the ever-changing nature of your customers’ needs. Allocate your resources dynamically to increase productively.

Real-time operational Intelligence for your cleaning services. Understand patterns, identify opportunities for improvement and demonstrate the need for additional contractual offering.

Asset Tracking

Save money and time by tracking the location of valuable assets of interest in your facility. Avoid unnecessary purchase of equipment, with our automatic inventory count. Respond quickly to real-time alerts on missing or misplaced assets.

Using our dedicated mobile application, your employees will be able to quickly and easily report incidents, and follow up until completion.

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